Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Everything You Need To Know About Creating Mobile Apps for Your Business

Mobile apps are a great way for businesses to attract new customers, engage client loyalty, and expand your company. But there are some critical elements that you need to remember if you want your app to be a success. So, if your interest is currently being piqued by the potential and possibilities of an app for your business, read on. Here is everything you need to know to ensure your idea has a great chance of being a success.

Define your goal

Making an app is one thing, but there needs to be reasoning behind it. The full-on potential of apps can be tempting, but it’s vital that you don’t get wrapped up in it too much, and you should never create an app just because everyone else is. In general, your app has to exist to help you with things like brand awareness, driving users to your website or premises, or establishing a platform to make more sales. It’s vital to ensure everything about your apps is geared towards one of these goals.

Understand the development process

If your budget is an issue, there are plenty of self-building app services out there you can use. The likes of AppBreeder and SwebApps can be a useful starting point, although you will need to have an understanding of the app development process. That said, even if you want to hire a professional developer, you’ll need to have that understanding, too. Programmers can only put your ideas into action – they can’t second-guess your intentions.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Why Every Small Business Needs Online Strategy

Marketing is essential even for small local companies. In an increasingly competitive world you have to be able to replace departing customers with new ones. With more than 1.1 billion websites and growing every second, there is no better marketing channel than the internet.

Digital Resistance

Yet many business owners look upon it as providing little value. There are some common reasons that even long-established businesses give for this:

I don’t need it

If you have an established business with a strong customer base providing all the income you could ask for, congratulations. You’re one of the fortunate few. But are those customers always going to be there? Local demographics change over time. People tend to migrate to wherever job opportunities exist. And isn’t there a possibility that someone else might open up a strong rival operation in the next town, or across the street? How about online?

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Smart Tips for Managing Small Business Cash Flow during Rapid Growth

You would think that an increase in orders and growing interest in your business would be good news all round as it means that your company is expanding, but without the right amount of cash flow to support that growth, it could spell trouble.

There are plenty of examples of business owners who have not been able to survive their growing pains because of a lack of cash to support their expansion, so you need to plan for what lies ahead.

Here is a look at some ways to keep on top of cash flow. There are some tips on keeping your business and personal expenses away from each other, an insight on what cash flow actually means, and details on how to produce a cash flow statement to help stay on top of your money.

Separating your expenses

If you are one of the millions of small business owners who finds their personal finances intertwined with your business expenses, it is time to get things sorted so that you are well placed to take your business to the next level.

It is far too easy to blur the lines between personal and business expenses, but you need to keep on top of both and know exactly where your finances stand at any point in time.

Maintaining a separate personal and business account will help create that distinction. You could also consider getting a credit card for your business so that you can organize your expenses more easily and see where everything is going and how much you are spending.